Rafael has over 13 years of experience running businesses in London. He started at the age of 23, managing 1 property in north London. He founded an agency in 2005 and grew the business from 1 to 50 houses under his management.

During 13 years running a flatsharing business, Rafael managed up to 15 members of staff at one time, as well as having his own office. Rafael turned a £5k loan into a £1.2m turnover business – and bought a few properties during the time of his property management business.

Now, Rafael is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, author, investor and a business consultant accredited by the Growth Accelerator, a scheme by the UK government.

Rafael’s main expertise is developing new ideas and implementing them. His operations expertise and marketing knowledge are a perfect combination to help startup and early stage businesses to grow their businesses further. Rafael has been mentoring a few business owners and helping them develop their business ideas into profitable businesses.

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Rafael is an entrepreneur, author, mentor
and business consultant accredited by
the UK government.