Visiting Manaus – What to see


  • It’s an important park of the city, it has 42,05 hectares (very big), it’s just a 15 minutes of city center;
  • You can find flora, fauna, and an Amazonas ecosystem;
  • It was constructed in 1989 with the objective the protect ecosystem of the city;
  • The principal objective for the park is promote and developing cultural activities and environment for protects the area;
  • There is an important library, it has 2000 books about the Amazonic ecosistem;
  • The third Sunday of each month it celebrates “The Mindu Project”, with the objective promote cultural entertainment and environment education.


Address: Rua Peimetral | Parque 10 , Manaus , Estado de Amazonas , Brazil;

Contact phone: (+55) 92 3236-7702;



  • It’s the biggest botanical garden in the world, it has 5km2 of area for the investigation;
  • It was created in 2000 with the objetive to protect the ecologic area of the city;
  • There is an investigation center, Library, and restaurants;
  • There are different kind of trees very important in the garden, the names are: Angelim- pedra, castanha- de- macaco, acariquara, breu, tachi, and others.
  • Also you can enjoy the different animals like: monkeys, eagle, insects, and others animals.


Address: Avenida Uirapuru barrio, ciudad de Dios, Manaus / AM, Brazil;


Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday: 8:00am – 12pm, 1pm- 4:30pm;

Contact phone: (+55) 92 3582- 2929



  • It’s the most important zoo that has the city;
  • It was inaugurated in 1967;
  • There are many different kind of animals you can find in this wonderful zoo (162 animals distributed in 56 species);


Address: St. George Avenue, N ° 750- São Jorge – CEP: 69033-000 – Manaus-AM, Brazil;

Opening Times & Tickets

Tuesday to Friday: 9am- 5pm;

Price: $ 4 Reais;

Contact phone: (+55) 92 2125-6402



  • It’s an important theatre has the city, (it’s located in the city center);
  • The theatre was inaugurated in 1896;
  • It’s one of the most popular theatre in Brazil, and the symbol more prominent of the city;
  • Its architecture is very particular and very beautiful, in special its dome;
  • The principal room has a capacity of 200 persons, this room is used for the tourists;


Address: Praça do Congresso, Manaus – AM, 69025-140, Brazil;


Opening Times & Tickets

Monday to Saturday: 9am- 7pm;

Price: $ 7.00 Dollars;

Contact phone: (+55) 92 3622-2420



  • It’s the most important beach that has the city, it’s located to 13km of the city center;
  • This place was habited for the Manaos Indians, it’s one of the most interest point for the tourist;
  • There are many artistic exhibitions national or international you can enjoy in this place;
  • The place has an special natural beauty (you need see);
  • The beach has boardwalks for the tourists, Also there are many restaurants that offer the typical food of the city;    



Av. Cel Teixeira Ponte Negra Manaus – AM, Brazil;



The Meeting of Waters (Portuguese: Encontro das Águas) is the confluence between the Rio Negro, a river with dark (almost black colored) water, and the sandy-colored Amazon River or Rio Solimões, as it is known the upper section of the Amazon in Brazil. For 6 km (3.7 mi) the river’s waters run side by side without mixing. It is one of the main tourist attractions of Manaus, Brazil. The same also happens near Santarém, Pará with the Amazon and Tapajós rivers.

This phenomenon is due to the differences in temperature, speed and water density of the two rivers. The Rio Negro flows at near 2 km per hour at a temperature of 28°C, while the Rio Solimões flows between 4 to 6 km per hour a temperature of 22°C.

Also other attractions you can enjoy in family if you go to Manaos, it has an experience in Eco-resort, there are many in the city where you can enjoy about the nature, flora and fauna that offer this beautiful city.